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We have realized that much of what we have come to accept as true has been distorted or is erroneous and what we really want to live out is an honest life connected with our life force, the Creator, God.
God Centered

At LIFEFORCE for Wellness

We want to share with every man, woman and child the incredible benefits of the natural forces that are so abundant in our world. Life Force for Wellness began as a vision one cold and grey February afternoon. We were on a walk trying to exercise our bodies but more importantly trying to exercise our minds. We had felt for some time that our current state of life was not what we had envisioned. We decided then and there that only we could change the direction we were going.
Natural Ingredients
After dedicated research we discovered that our air, water and food were slowly killing us from the inside out. We new there must be alternative product ideas and solutions that could improve our lives, not only on the outside but inwards as well. So we started with the basics, the energy that surrounds everything. We then started looking at the everyday things that we all often take for granted.
At Life Force for Wellness we want to make one thing clear, we are not perfect and what we believe may not necessarily be right for everyone. All we ask is that you have the willingness to hear a different message! ​ You alone are the only one who can bring about change in your life. We would be honored to walk with you on this journey…

Jennifer Hicks

Jennifer Hicks

My older sister was born at 6 months gestation, she is now 60 years old. I believe she has been my inspiration to learn how to help the body heal, how to help to relieve pain, emotional and physical. Finally at my current age of 57, I realize, “keep it simple”. We all have free will and with that we get to choose how we want to live in this world. I am knowledgeable in many modalities of healing, have worked as a registered nurse going into my 21st year and realize each person truly knows what will help them to heal. My desire is to declare that we are to live life in the moment!! Engage, experience what is in front of us. If it is uncomfortable – acknowledge the light of God of your understanding in that moment. Ask for guidance from the source of life to help relieve the pain, suffering etc. Listen and go forward with the information received. When life feels joyful and bountiful acknowledge the light of God of your understanding in that moment. Ask for guidance from the source of life how to be of service to God of your understanding. I am looking at all the words I use….for example the word heal…”to restore to health” (Webster’s 9th New Collegiate Dictionary), health….”the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; esp: freedom physical disease or pain” (Webster’s 9th New Collegiate Dictionary). If there is an illness does that make the person wrong or bad?? I would say no. I have heard that pain at times is unavoidable, but suffering is optional. Unless you are a child or a person who is mentally disabled and not able to take care of yourself you are responsible for your choices. How one perceives ones situation is truly the key to the lock of a vital life. In regards to my sister, I have fought for her in many areas of her life, some have turned out well and some not well at all. Meaning the surgery that was supposed to help her walk without braces, failed and made it so she could never walk again. Health and healing are very complex ideas to me….my sister’s acceptable level of health is different than my own. There is a deeper meaning of life than I am capable at this point of comprehending. So, this brings me back to keeping my life simple. Align my will with my Creator, follow the guidance that is given and walk forward. Be honest, kind, responsible, and have fun.

We have brought LifeForce For Wellness into the physical realm to share ideas and responsible products that help to make our life better in the hope that these ideas and responsible products may help to make your life better as well. We are truly all in this together. All are loved by our Creator, let us truly love one another so we can live free of fear.

William Rogers

Jennifer Hicks
The story starts just like many of you, a poor boy from a small perish. The miracle didn’t take place for many years!! Born in Detroit Michigan in the 1960’s I was the middle of three children. I had a typical upbringing and looking back I was a very fortunate child. After graduating high school I enlisted in the US Army. Where I spent two years in the mess Hall. That was the opportunity to get me to my dream of attending the finest Culinary School in America. I attended The Culinary Institute of America for the next two years, there I honed my culinary skills and set out to change the world. This was my first experience with God having other plans!! What happened next was the two greatest joys a human being can ever experience, the birth of my two amazing children. Life went on and I put my dreams on the back burner, did the best I could. Made many mistakes but my children have grown to be the most amazing people I have ever known. ​ With the hospitality industry behind me and a geographic change I set my sight on Big box retail. For the next thirteen years I saw firsthand the workings of big American corporation. As I no longer could go along with direction of the company I quietly retired and spent the next year soul searching. ​ I worked different jobs along the way and thought for a minute that construction was going to be my last career, I was wrong. What happened in this time was the miracle I mentioned. God put a person in my life that I had been searching for all my life. A like-minded person with all the love, gratitude and life force that made it all make sense. ​ Looking back it was then that Life Force for Wellness was created. Yes it took a few years to come on line, it was then that we started to look at the world and realize that something was wrong. We wanted to make the world better. Not only for our children and friends and families, for everyone!! We worked hard did a ton of research and found it was going to be as hard as we thought. We were introduced to so many wonderful people and companies that share in our vision. ​ At Life Force for Wellness we are determined to find these people and companies that also want to change the world. We don’t have to do it alone; we can come together and make our world a better place. I don’t want to be more then, I don’t want to be less then. I just want to be!! I look forward to talking and meeting as many of you as I can on this journey. Together there is nothing we can’t do! Until then stay safe, stay strong and God Bless