Structured Water

Are You
Off Tap Water?

Most people using water filters on their home Tap Water are primarily looking for a way to remove toxins, such as chlorine and fluoride, from their water. But, they don’t realize that whole house filters may not be the key to safe water because most standard filters and reverse osmosis (RO) systems also strip the water of important minerals your body needs. So, are whole house filters really worth it, or is there an alternative to the mainstream way of filtering water? ​Rather than filtering water with a large number of expensive chemicals and removing valuable organic materials, what if there were a physics-based method already occurring organically in nature, requires no chemicals, and would cost you considerably less money?

You Thought Bottled Water Was Better?

What about bottled water? If you don’t mind paying more, wasting plastic and potentially buying nothing more than tap water you can continue to contribute to a global plastic problem and look mighty fine with your Fuji or Cosco water bottle. It’s okay! Why would you want a whole house treatment system or travel size personal filtration system that you pay for one time, involves no plastic, provides the healthy natural lifeenergy instilled water that helps restore your body.

Is there

A Better


While H20 water is an extremely good conduit for electricity, it doesn’t have the ability to store energy or bring that energy to the body. Structured water or H3O2 as it is known, holds an electrical energy which allows it to not only flow to your cells faster, but also deliver the energy being stored in the water to your cells. This process improves communication between your cells and stimulates electrical processes throughout your entire body. Since structured water is effectively recharging your cells it aids your body in naturally repairing itself.
You may already be aware that most drinking water is so highly processed, it’s equivalent to junk food — stripped of beneficial minerals and has chemicals added, devoid of life, and very unorganized. Drinking water that isn’t structured is like driving a car with square tires, you spend a lot of fuel trying to get somewhere, but you don’t go very far.

Since structured water is carrying energy to the cells providing your body fuel, you don’t need 8 glasses of water a day to keep hydrated.

For most of us drinking 8 glasses of water a day is HARD, especially if your not a big fan of water. Not to mention all the extra trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. According to Gina Bria, author of the book Quench and founder of the Hydration Foundation, being properly hydrated isn’t about the quantity of water that you drink but the quality of water. One of the many advantages of drinking structured water is that your body makes better use of the energy provided by it and doesn’t require as much to keep you healthy and hydrated. Thankfully, if you drink structured water, you probably won’t have to drink 8 glasses a day.

Wait, Water Has Structure?


We already know drinking structured water enables intra-cellular hydration rather than superficial extracellular hydration but what exactly is it? Structured water, also known as hexagonal water, vortexed water, or H3O2 is a form of water with a different molecular structure than H2O. Discovered by Dr. Gerald Pollack at the University of Washington, H3O2 is referred to as the 4th phase of water, a form of water beyond liquid, solid, and vapor. It is 10% denser than H2O and has more dissolved oxygen. Structured water is a hydrating, energized water found everywhere in nature, from waterfalls, rivers, and oceans, to plants, animals, and humans.​
Structured water is a molecular arrangement of water molecules that exists when water is near hydrophilic (water loving) surfaces. Much like ice, water molecules join together in hexagonally structured single layer sheets. Unlike ice, however, the sheets are flexible and move independently as they are not glued together by protons. The majority of the water in your body is structured water as your bodily tissues are hydrophilic.
Structured water has always existed, but science just now noticed.
Structured Water is a Battery You might be wondering, “If structured water is a battery, what charges it?” Dr. Pollack discovered that both light waves and infrared waves charge structured water with energy. These hexagonal structured layers not only store that energy but share an electrical charge between the structured water surrounding it. In other words, structured water stores and shares energy, much like a battery.

Why Should
YOU Drink

Structured water (H3O2) not only energizes your cells, it’s energy charge attracts minerals and nutrients to your cells while the charged particles also flush toxins out of your cells. Bringing energy, nutrients and cleansing your cells in a way regular water can’t. The benefits can vary depending on each persons health and environment but structured water is known to improve your hydration and help you in the following ways:
  • More energy
  • Improved concentration
  • Faster cell recovery
  • Better sleep
  • Better digestion
  • Increased bioavailability of nutrients
  • Stabilized blood sugar and metabolism
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Better relaxation
  • Better mood
  • Better memory
  • Weight loss
  • Stronger immune system
  • Easier detoxification
  • Improved complexion and moisturized skin
  • Improved resilience to EMF exposure
  • Improved state of well-being


Do We Really Need More Plastic?

When you realize bottled water is nearly 650X more expensive than tap water and that most tap water costs $0.003 per gallon, and that works out to about $0.01 per 3 gallons that seems pretty inexpensive. And with Bottled Water costing $2.00 to $8.00 per gallon that means your paying an awful lot for all that plastic.

Since Bottled Water is NO SAFER THAN TAP WATER and since 50% of Bottled Water is Tap Water anyway, why not make an effort to make a real change. After all, Plastic Water Bottles Are Threatening the Very Health of our Environment.

Given that less than 20% of plastic bottles are recycled, the most effective solution is to eliminate single-use plastic bottles entirely, and this can start with each and every one of us, Right Now.

​Imagine a world without plastics in our oceans, food, water, and bodies.

​With a Structured Water device from Aqua Energizer, you are providing LifeEnergy to your body and mind while helping contribute to a safer, cleaner environment for tomorrow.

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