Life Force Energy is the essential vital force of nature identified by both ancient cultures and modern science. Life Force Energy has commonly been referred to as Scaler Waves or Tesla Waves as Nikola Tesla created technology that proved the existence and helped harness Life Force Energy that is naturally occurring in the environment.
Nikola Tesla
Our cells need Life Force Energy to be as healthy as possible. It is similar to oxygen in that way. If you consider that oxygen is also found in nature but the typical concentration of oxygen in the environment is not enough to be used for therapeutic purposes. If you need to deliver oxygen therapeutically it needs to be concentrated, and the same thing is true of Life Force Energy. That’s what makes the Tesla BioHealer special, it is CONCENTRATED Life Force Energy.
We have carried forth Nikola Tesla’s discovery in order to create powerful, yet completely non-invasive therapeutic devices. Tesla BioHealing OTC Medical Devices act as amplifiers to create a concentrated field of pure Life Force Energy. As long as you are within this concentrated field, your cells will be able to uptake this vital energy as needed, utilizing as much Life Force as is necessary for optimal cellular support and functioning.

What is Life Force Energy?

Life Force Energy is what we are made of and what nourishes our body on a cellular level. The body was intelligently designed and the cells already contain their own self-repair mechanisms. The more Life Force Energy our cellular structures have available, the more they are able to activate those self-repair mechanisms. Tesla BioHealing OTC Medical Devices provide a completely natural yet powerfully therapeutic concentration of life force energy, where cells can be optimally supported in order to activate the body’s remarkable capacity for self-healing.
Known benefits of Life Force Energy/Tesla Waves include but are not limited to:

  • Increasing the energy level of cells in the body to the ideal 70-90 millivolt range
  • Increasing cellular ATP levels and repair rates, while decreasing cellular destruction rates
  • Improving cell wall permeability thus facilitating the intake of nutrients and more efficiently eliminating cellular waste
  • Increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, and providing pain relief improving sleep quality, regulating emotions, and improving mental clarity
  • Increasing immune system function by 149%
Tesla BioHealing Products are FDA Registered OTC Medical Devices that produce a pure Life Force Energy field. These devices provide a practical and robust health solution for people in need.

​Tesla BioHealers are recommended for individuals with mild to moderate illnesses and disorders but they may be combined to treat more severe conditions. Using several Tesla BioHealers in combination amplifies the Life Force Energy field, providing a more robust option for individuals who might benefit from even more cellular support.

​Studies have shown extensive cellular regeneration in the brain after after only 7 days of exposure to the Life Force Energy field generated by the Tesla BioHealing device.


The Tesla Biohealing Medbed

Tesla MedBed Generators™ are our most powerful health solution created specifically for addressing challenging and severe conditions in the shortest amount of time. By placing our MedBed Generators underneath or beside your bed frame, a powerful, concentrated field of pure Life Force Energy is generated during crucial sleep and recovery time, providing an optimal environment for cellular repair, at 100x the power of our Tesla Biohealers™. Sleep is already a natural healing cycle and using our MedBed Generators creates an environment to activate your body’s natural repair systems all the more. Simply by sleeping in your bed like you normally would do, your body will be immersed in a healing field of pure Life Force Energy, which has been proven to facilitate remarkable breakthroughs for people with a variety of health conditions.
TESLA Medbed Generators
Tesla Biohealing Medbed Generators | Recharges & Repairs Cellular Health
TESLA Medbed Generators

Tesla Biohealing For Adults | Recharges & Repairs Cellular Health

TESLA Medbed Generators

Tesla Biohealing for Pets 2.0 | Recharges & Repairs Cellular Health

Success Stories

For the last 17 years I have been fighting cancer (and doctors). To date I have had cancer in my spleen, bone marrow twice, skin cancer twice, 2 brain tumors, a tumor on my side, upper lymphoids and a tumor at the base of my spine causing partial paralysis for a short time. I asked GOD (more like begged) to help me. I wanted to live! I called upon every angel and anyone else who would listen. Help started coming in and I tried so many things. Although I was able to survive all of this with no fear or “woe is me”, my entire body was full of arthritis, I had constant headaches, sleeping disorders and limited physical activity. I never lost faith in GOD or myself. This brings me to the bio healers. I bought a small one and in a very short time the arthritis in my hands was almost gone. I bought 2 more. The headaches stopped. My bio representative, Jennifer,”who is truly an angel” let me use a med bed bio for a few nights. The first night I had the best sleep of my life! I now have 2 of them. I will soon be 70 , I’m healthy, happy, very active and very blessed. what could be better than having GOD’S life force energy around me all the time!

“First I will thank you so very much for providing the product Telsa Bio Healer. Be for using the Bio Healer I was having to use a cane to help me walk, an now after just about 2 may be 3 weeks I can walk freely again an the straingth in my legs has increased I can stand up on my own for longer periods of time now as well. The health benefit of the Telsa Bio Healer has gone way beyond of what I just mentioned. they work amazingly well !! Thank You soon very much for helping walk again”

“I have osteoarthritis and suffered especially mornings when I get out of bed and for hours afterward. After 2 weeks of using this product I get up every morning pain-free and no medication, such as Mobic or Tylenol. My bursitis is pain free also. This BioHealer is not advertised anywhere in my area but I saw this on Shari Raye’s video. Gratitude to Shari Raye and for this little Tesla Bio Healer. It is truly a miracle and I thank GOD for this product!!”