AQUA ENERGIZER Industrial Structured Water Device




The Wellness Enterprise is currently looking for collaborative partners who would like to install the AQUA ENERGIZER Industrial device and collect evidence regarding its function.  For those who have data for their existing operations and the capability to measure changes we are offering SUBSTANTIAL discounts on initial units as well as the opportunity to purchase additional units at the same massively discounted prices after your performance data has been collected.

The AQUA ENERGIZER Industrial Device is the first scientifically verified and certified structured water device in the world.  Each unit is hand assembled using a combination of earth materials including stainless steel, copper, quartz and minerals.

The AQUA ENERGIZER Industrial devices are currently available for 3″ and 8″ pipes with other sizes such as 4 inch and 12 inch available upon request.

To enhance industrial applications such as subsurface drip irrigation, commercial farms, ranches, orchards, vineyards, and green houses consider the 3″ AQUA ENERGIZER industrial device.

For municipal water treatment facilities, cooling towers, electrical generators or power plants consider the 8″ AQUA ENERGIZER Industrial device.


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