AQUA ENERGIZER Portable Device




The AQUA ENERGIZER™   Structured Water Devices   are the first scientifically verified and certified structured water devices in the world. Each unit is hand assembled from copper, quartz and minerals.

The Portable is handheld and easy to carry around. With it you can drink energized, healthful water when you’re out and about, whether around town, at a local restaurant, at work or on the road traveling. And you can use it in your home at all sinks and faucets, for your pets and plants. Your mind will be at ease as you use your Portable Device to turn ordinary tap water into the fuel your cells crave.

PLEASE NOTE: Each certified device is hand made and hand tested for effectiveness prior to shipping. Demand is substantially more than supply at this time. As of today, June 30th, 2021 we have all devices in stock. However supplies are very limited and wait times may be as long as 6 weeks depending on when your order is received. Orders are filled on a first come first serve basis.

This new generation of Structured Water Devices, based on the latest scientific breakthroughs, is here to boost you to optimal hydration while receiving the natural action of the ancestral elements of supercharged water. Prepare yourself to experience water like never before, with a crisp clean taste and more energy than ever.


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