AQUA ENERGIZER Structured Water Unit Trade In Program




Access AQUA ENERGIZER™ Certified Structured Water Devices

For customers who would like to access the latest technology in structured water, we have created the Structured Water Unit trade in program.

Trade in devices  are currently being accepted from

Natural Action Technologies
Crystal Blue
Greenfield Water
John Ellis
the Imploder by Dan Winter and more.
The purchase function below is configured to support our previous customers who purchased a Natural Action device and would like to trade it in for a discount on a certified AQUA ENERGIZER™ structured water device! If you have a device made by a different manufacturer, please use this link.

The new certified AQUA ENERGIZER devices have broken through into domains that have never been reached before by a structured water unit. So far, this has been measured in the following areas:

AQUA ENERGIZERS are the first devices in the world to be tested using the methodology of Dr. Jerry Pollack and to be verified and certified to make structured water.
AQUA ENERGIZERS have been tested to inactivate toxins from water as seen in this article.
AQUA ENERGIZERS have been measured to emit the Schumann Resonance when water is passing through them.
AQUA ENERGIZERS have been measured on the Bovis Scale to have a massively higher vibration than any other device.
The following prices are only available to those who have a Natural Action Technologies unit to ship to us in exchange for a discount.

“Natural Action, Natural Action Technologies, Crystal Blue, Greenfield Water, Aqualiv, John Ellis, the Imploder by Dan Winter”, and their logo are trademarks of their respective owners. The Wellness Enterprise Inc is no longer an authorized dealer of Natural Action Technologies products and we are now a competitor.

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