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The next best thing to living next to a mountain spring is having mountain spring quality water pouring from your tap. Purify, Mineralize and Energize your water with the Jivara Mountain Spring – the best alternative to reverse osmosis and alkaline water.

The Jivara Mountain Spring is more of a philosophy than a single product. The philosophy is based on the three choices you need to make to have the best water for you and your family.

     1. Which structuring device will you choose?

     2. Will you add minerals?

     3. Will you filter your water?

Best Alternative to Reverse Osmosis and Alkaline Water

My brother just hooked up his under sink Jivara plus the minerals the best water filter ever. Amazing setup. Water is incredible. 

– Ted from La Jolla, California

The Jivara Mountain Spring turns your tap water into the highest quality natural spring water… without the delivery truck or the monthly bill. Avoid ordinary lifeless reverse osmosis water and drink nature’s elixir rolled into one convenient easy to install under the sink water filtration system.

Reverse osmosis water filter customers want safe water. The promise of purity has attracted people to RO systems for decades but new research is showing RO is not as safe as people think. Reverse osmosis systems rob water of its energy and vitality. RO can leave water and the people who drink it mineral-depleted and lifeless. Breakthroughs in physics are helping people to understand water in new ways.

Terms such as revitalized, structured and activated water bring new meaning to what safe water is really about. The Jivara Mountain Spring is a new class of water filtration and purification system combining a revolutionary formula to Purify, Mineralize and Energize your water and support your health and vitality.

Structuring devices

In our experience, the structured water market place changed substantially in early 2021. There are now AQUA ENERGIZER™ devices producing results that are so remarkable as compared to any previous devices that we wholeheartedly recommend that everyone choose the AQUA ENERGIZER as their structured water device.


As monocropping has dominated agriculture substantial portions of the minerals that used to be in the soil, have been depleted (for more on this click here)

To make up for the lack of minerals in our diets,  people are now choosing to add mineral supplements to the their daily regimen. The most important aspect of any mineral supplement is that it have a full spectrum of trace minerals available, in addition to the more common minerals like calcium and magnesium.  At this time, we recommend Veritas Fulvic with Ionic Magnesium Mineral Drops  which are Doctor formulated and easy to add to any glass of water.

In addition, for those that choose an AQUA ENERGIZER structuring device, mineral information is imprinted in your water from the ormus coating on the outside of the devices.  You can read more about it here.

Water Filters

In our opinion water filters are oversold to the public. Expensive whole house devices are recommended as are filters that have substantial replacement costs on a semi-annual or annual basis.  We recommend a simple filter like the Best Water Filter Ever.  The Best Water Filter Ever is recommended for high-quality toxin removal from municipally treated water (and not for wells).

Meets or Exceeds NSF Standards 42, 53 and 401


Many water filters have little to show for their big claims. The Best Water Filter Ever puts its pedigree front and center.

Independent Laboratory Testing shows your water will be safe from contaminants including chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, arsenic, nitrates, heavy metals, lead and more.

The Best Water Filter Ever contains a proprietary matrix of activated carbon, combined with proprietary Zeolite minerals, structurally bound with polymers into a highly porous block filter form.

The Best Water Filter Ever combines the highest FDA-compliant raw materials, with cutting-edge manufacturing methods resulting in unparalleled performance in an exclusively U.S.A. Manufactured product.


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